Like a candle in the wind

Oh my… A monday that went quick, once again. But today, I received a book that I think will be easier to read than my law books! “löpträning mitt i livet” it is called. Like running training in the middle of the life. I plane to live a little longer than 64 years, but somehow, I needed motivation and this book seems to be extremely good!

For the rest, we finished to watch the serie Breaking Bad and it was a good one. 5 Seasons almost in a raw, it took some time. Now, we are almost free to… study and stuff.

The hollidays are coming pretty soon, a little more than one month, and it will be a lots of nights at hotel for work and travel here and there. I am actuall looking forward the first morning when I will be able to think: no need to put an alar clock!

I plane a little morning run tomorrow. Not that I like to get up early, this is more that if I don’t make it, I will be pushed to rest unvolontarely. By the way, I was feeling no pain today at all. The half an hour of squash on friday left more marks than the 21 kilometers from yesterday. Strange, huh? Maybe I was running too slowly yesterday? I don’t really care, I am happy to have done the distance, now the goal is to run 10K a little faster and the next goal is to run the half mara a little faster as well. I may find some inspiration in the book.

For now, you will get an old picture that I took in Eskilstuna and that I found back on my FB. There are a lots of things on the internet…


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