Sunday began with a long sleeping morning. Once again, M and I were tired. We ate a calm and good breakfast and then, I listed out what I had to study next. This is about associationsright, I was not very inspired. Anyway. I decided yesterday that I would take ma out today for a long run, so I clothed myself and went out. My goal was 2km more than last week, mening 17k.

It was very sunny today, but not that warm actually. I had my old munk sweat shirt and was happy for that. My feet felt well, my legs as well, but I felt every muscles of my ass hurting me since the squash defeate on friday. At every step I felt them. During the whole run. Poor me.

This is what I saw while I was running on the bicycle lane:

GC-väg - Kopia


The sun was blinding me but it felt good! I ran like 5km in the woods and it was very boullie bouillasse as I would have said in french.

skog_sol - Kopia


I am actually not very happy with this picture, this is too dark, but I only had my phone with me and did not want to stay too long as well, it was getting cold pretty quick when I stopped there.

Then I ran through the city, found a mystical place with big silos:

silo - Kopia


They are quite impressing and I wonder why they are so closed to the city actually. There is something with the planning in Linköping that I don’t understand. For example, this industrial zone is located pretty closed to the river and the center but nobody seem to think that it may be a good place to explore and make nice for people to live of spend some free time. Strange. And this is not the only exampel of that kind.

I arrived there at about 15K and I had 2K left to achieve the goal of today, but I was feeling really good, light and except my ass pain, the rest was working pretty well.

I had a magnific view to the cathedrale, which the sunset.

domkyrkan - Kopia


When I arrived at 17k, I thought that it was idiotical to stop there, since I was still feeling so good, so I made the run longer and achieved an half marathon on my own.

bild 4 (1)


The time is not my best, I confess, but it was the longest pass this year and actually one of the nicest. It was also totally unplanned, so I feel pretty good with myself now! The part in the forest was slow since I could glide and hurt myself. But no, I won’t analyse it more: I am happy to be healthy enough to take my almost 32 years old around a spontaneous half marathon outside in Sweden, in the middle of november. Me LOVES!

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