a friday has gone and satuday is on its way

I love to set titel. Not. I notice every time that it is hard to write something attractiv for the reader and representativ of the post. Well, get used to it.
I had a pretty intense friday at work and if I count, I spent like 95% of the day at the phone. I met M downtown and we walked to the systembolaget to buy some Glögg. First of this year and it feels like xmas is coming, with all its feelings (and if you read my blog since a couple of years, you know that I hate xmas). Well, glögg is good anyway, so that is helping me to get through this.
I also plaid sqaush with a colleague of mine and he made me run during the whole time. The result is that I barely can walk today. No need to say that I postponed the long run of the week end…
We were tired both M and I and we slept until 10.42 this morning in a raw. It was needed.
So for today: reading and reading and cooking some good food tonight and watching a movie. This will be enough. This is a loading for a long run tomorrow.

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