who wants to

gå outside today?


You see? It has been raining the whole night and now it is very cloudy, scary almost but it seems dry in the air. My plan for this morning is, aftera good breakfast that I took one hour ago, to go out and take a long run on bicycle lane in the city with 15K as goal for the distance. With all the rain from last night and day, the wood may be overflooded, so I won’t risk. Think: me falling down after 50m, becoming both wet and disgusting of pond, have to run 14,950 km? No, I am not that much for free spa.

Even if I plan a long run, I will enjoy it as much as I can because the rest of the day will be occupy by study. A lots of study. I am travelling for work 3 whole days the coming week, with hotel nights and I know that these days are totally hopeless what goes on focus and concentration at the evening. I mostly fall asleep after watching TV too long and wake up seventy times at night, asking myself every time where I am. So I have something on the list today.Big time!

Ok, now I’m off, I’ll tell you how it was.

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