And the winner is…

bild 1


He got to see me quite happy between K9 and K10 this morning.

I was very suspicious when I went out, wondering if it would rain or not. Whatsoever. My shoes and my tights are as grey as the weather. I decided to take it easy and to run as least 15K. The goal was to have a low pulse during the whole pass and to make my legs work during a longer period as last week. I am deeply convinced that to be fast at 10K, you need to train you mentally at running 15K at least almost at the speed you want to run the 10K. Maybe I am wrong, but it helps me in my head. And then, if by mistake I would run 21K on a normally sunday, it would be a good thing to be proud of.

bild 1 (1)



So,me, my grey shoes and my grey tights, we ran away from home. I wanted to avoid the wood since it rained like hell, but running in the forest is s much more sympathetical, that I had to make a little round in Valla. On y way there, I ran close to our next appartment and I was dreaming of that moment, when we live there and when it is sunday and I see the forest from our balcony and can just go out and take a long run.

bild 2 (1)


In the wood, I lost some seconds, maybe 60 or so, because it was really wet and hard to run there without beein garanted to fall down. I took it easy, but it felt really good, no high pulse and legs pretty fit.

bild 4


Then, I ran through the Old Linköping, a lots of old people and faillies were out for the frågesport of the week end. This is a thing that Swedes seem to like: they hang out questions about something, with 3 possiblities to answer and people go around, look after the questions, try to answer them with one of the possibilities and give their papper back somewhere. You can win like chocolate or something and questions are often pretty boring. It seems though that without that, people wouldn’t have any purpose at walking in the woods. I find it strange. The groups may be big, people don’t want the others to cheat on them. I wonder why they care so much about other. No one is talking to each other, just the one you may be in the same team as. I can’t see the point of it, really. Ah well.

Then, I ran along the cimetary, and the library and the guy on the first pic. When I arrived at the trainstation, I had ran 10K in about 63 minutes and felt pretty good. I went on, and at k13, my legs were tired actually. I felt my muscles from the hips to the knees that were trying to tell me to stop, but no no, big no no. The pulse was getting a little bit higher then but I managed to finish my 15K in 1h33 min, which I am quite proud of. The sun was shining at the end of the run, which also was mervellous.

bild 2

This is actually crazy to be able to run in november with just a long armed tee shirt (OK, in wool) but even that, this is not cold at all and me likes it.

When I walked the last hundred meters home, I saw a funny and pretty car:

bild 3


A PP. A Pink Punto. Sport by the way! Smile big smile.

Now, after the shower, I can tell you that my legs are tired. This is good. I am not really sure how I will make for the training this week, so I may have a little pain now, it doesn’t matter that much.

I will start begin to study for the day, quite a lot of pages on the program. To put me in the mood, I am listening to Edvard Grieg. Here you go:

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