Eurockéennes 2013

Oh what for a week end… two days after i am stil totaly dead-tired! But it was so COOL!!!

Everything began with a flight-ticket that i booked on the wrong day. Lucky me, it was a day too early, so we got one day of France for “free” (if some hundred euros is free…) and we had to spend the night before the flight in Copenhaguen in order to be on time in the plane (which was cheaper than to book another low cost ticket on the right day). And it was good, because somehow, even an evening in Danmark, it feels already like vacations. So we came to the danish capital on tuesday evening, pretty tired but the even little week of work and we only got the energy to eat out and then to go to bed. Honestly, The city was looking as hell, as if every garbage was put upside down for fun or something.



On wednesday, we went to the airport and something funny happened. M was sitting somewhere, tired of walking with me in shops, so i was alone looking for some thing to buy and i heard my name called from the big speakers. My blood made just one round into my body and i thought “oh shit, i’ve done something worng!”. Actually, what could be wrong? we already had passed the security control, we had like 1 good hour to the plane and knew where to go, so no big risks. But then, why me? I went to the information desk and there, they told me i lost my ID-card. For the record: i travelled with my swedish passport but took with me my french ID-card, because it’s more practical in France. When we prepared ourselves for the security check, i took my passport off my bag and my ID-card felt on the floor without that i noticed anything. I was lucky to have the time to get back there and pick it up! That was for the exciting part. The rest of the travel is as always borring: waiting, waiting and stil waiting for something. All these hours are just waste of time.

We arrived in Switzerland around 15 and my little sister picked us up. She saved a nice part of the program for us: go and buy food! I was totally crazy: “let’s take that, and that! and that!” and filled the basket with a lots of unhealthy things, but this is not very often i have the chance to eat them, so what the F… We went home to her place and had a nice evening the four of us together. Or maybe i have to say the five of us, with her boyfriend and the cat. Before to eat i had the privilege to work a little in her garden and oh, how i miss to be dirty because i am taking care of something in a garden…



These was the bubbles of the wednesday.

On thursday, we went to Strasbourg, with one of the best guide on the earth for this town and saw quite a lot of the city. Everyone was tired though, plus that we had to come back home in order to be on time at the restaurant.







As you can see, the weather was not super fine on thrusday, but it was perfect for siteseeing, not too warm. This cathedrale is big i tell you. And in it, there is a funny clock, here you got a pic of the mechanism, but if you have our way to Strasbourg, it really needs to be seen, and try to come when it’s about to be a new hour.


At the restaurant in the evening, we almost had frog legs. Almost only. But we had bubbles: once as apéritig and once for free, given by the owner. Nice restaurant!




On friday, after little visit of the nice village of Phaffans, it was time for us to take the road to the week ends destination: Belfort. After a walk in the big city of Phaffans, we took the way to Les Eurockéennes and i swear, the place is wonderful. Even if i tried when  was a teenager, i never was there before and i got totally charmed by the environment. Where the finger is pointing, you see the big scene. There are 4 of them, and a lake all around the place, which gave us wonderfull sunsets.


here a try to make a pic of the sunset:


On friday, the festival was already one day old, so there was no grass anymore. Luckily, we got beautiful weather during the whole week end and could sit everywhere almost, which wouldn’t have been possible with a little rain. But you know, France in summer: no rain evaaar. At least nt when M is with me :)

I only knew two bands from the first day: lilly wood and the prick and the smashing pumkins. For the other concerts, i just followed with people, some of the 127 000 other visitors of the festival. I have to say that i was pretty dissapointed by the smashing. I was listening to them as a little girl during the 90’s and the music they plaid now in Belfort was good, no surprises but Billy Corgan was totally feelingless. He almost did not say hello and it was sucking that they did not show a little more interest in their public actually.

We went home, me with tired feet and slept well on this friday night, with a feeling of being old but young at the same time.

We began the saturday with a Crémant breakfast and a nice lunch. The sun was high, a little wind, just enough to make us feel good and not too warm.


On saturday, we were all used to this festival, in dirty clothes and with our plastic glas from the day before. I have to admit that beer was not tasting that good, so i did not drink as much a i could have. This is also maybe a sign of getting older? i also have to confess that i had some problems to be in such a crowd actually. I surprised myself by looking for emergency exits in case of troubles. I don’t know, maybe it’s a consequence of having turned 30+.

As a general thought, i noticed that the guys were usually all in strange clothes and costumes and the girls had made an effort to look good but cool at the same time. I couldn’t avoid to think of which kind of girl i would have been if i had made it when i was younger: the one being genuinly cool, with other all around, or the one trying to be cool but meaning nothing to the others. Would i also have tried to get some attention of a cool guy? I now looked at the guys i wouldn have found cool if i had been 15 again, and they seemed so young! They were walking for the first time, already maybe smoking some illegal thing and 2 hair on the breast. This is funny how the attraction change with the years, and this is perfect like that! I am very happy with my 35 years old M. If we would have been to the same festival 15 years ago, i let me dream that we would have fallen in love already by then.

A propos smoking illegal things, this is also a point where i found myself like an old lady. At every place i was looking at, there was someone rolling a thing or smoking one. I could observ different technics and stuff, but i always came to the same conclusion: give a seat to the old lady, she doesn’t need more than that, the sun and some love.

Back to our sheaps: the music of the saturday: except Phoenix, i knew absolutely no band and the others of my company were not very motivated by one in particular, except Jackson and his computer band, so we just hung around. A propos Jackson, it was feeling like a new Jean-Michel Jarre, judge by yourself:


Once again, i was feeling old: my feet were dead by carrying me the whole day and i just wanted to lay down and sleep. The some km to the car were long to go i swear! But this was a wonderful feeling to walk in the night, with almost no public lights, to see all the stars, to hold the hand of M and having my favo sister and her bf around.

Phoneix was boring btw, we left quite soon after maybe 20 min or something.

On sunday, again a nice breakfast:


And then, ready for the biggest day of the festival: among others: Mass hysteria, Skunk Anansie, and last but the best: Blur. We also listened a little t some swedes: Graveyeard and M got some fun at Kvelertak. He told us thought that Neurosis would be boring and he was so right: they were taking themselves for like god who invented some notes and were playind about 3 notes per minutes. We went directly to Skunk Anansie at this time.

Sknunk Anansie was full of life, she even got a bath into the public and it was a lots of energy going out of her. OK, nothing to compare with Mass Hysteria, but they were playing at home and with an educated public. For them i was happy to follow their concert sitting in the grass and watching on a big screen, because i would have died in the crowd: braveheart and such things were on the program.

And then, Blur. At this time, i was 14 again, listening on and on to “the great escape” on the floor in the living room in Sauceray, with sun lights going through the window. They plaid everything and made me really happy to feel alive. Damon was even trying to speak french and a big difference with the ther big bands was that he was really talking to us. I don’t know if i really felt like that, to be sent 16 years back in my life, if not more, when i was dreaming of having a boyfriend that would love me and sing with me “tender is the night, lying by your side” and so on. A dream came true, even if M was only making fun of them by singing like a tramsapa. but no matter, it was good. So good that i remembered that one “friend” stole me the CD of the Great escape and that i need to buy it again.



this was a bad picture of the beginning of the concert. Nice memories!

The day after, it was high time to get back home in Sweden and oh my, it was a looooong day. 10 hours from door to door and we had so little sleep that it was aweful. Well, to travel with plane is now for me the worth thing to do but well, i am not that rich in time to take the train back from France for a week end spent there.

We did have a good surprise at home: our strawberries from 2013 were ready to eat:


They were very good, thank you! and the advantage of a balcony is that there is no snail to eat them :)

OK, this was the week end in the big lines. Now, it’s all about to reload the old battery and live on these pictures in my head until i get to meet Damon privatly!