Bad at waiting

hello people.

I am really bad at waiting, no matter what i’m waiting for, even bad things, like going to the dentist to get rid of a tooth. I am currently waiting for M to come back from Ljungby, as i usually do on wednesday. But today, it’s thrusday, but wednesday at the same time. Luckily, tomorrow it is a real friday, and a big one like that: beginning of 5 weeks of vacations. If you sometimes wonder why i am living and staying in Sweden, it is for these kindof little things. Well, this is not a little thing actually, but it is really enjoyable and makes some long winter rainy days much more easier to survive, if only you can remember evening as tomorrow evening, when nothing will stop me from feeling free and without any bound. (does the little girl who cannot live without plan says…)

I was putting some order in the flat tonight, looking after a wedding invitation we received and instead of finding it, i found a big bill, from mister Eurocard with the amount of what we paid at the hotel on Gotland. No need to say that i was a little sad… i did not remember it. Well, that’s not a reason why we should take down our consumption of bubbles, the one for tomorrow evening are already in the fridge. Five weeks. I assume five weeks in Sweden. The first one is almost planned, with some nice visit and at the end of the second, we also get some nice visit. But except that, N:O:T:H:I:N:G. I have

a lots of visions, like we walking in Norway, during nice shiny days, or we going to visit familly and friends in Sweden, or me going for a run every morning and coming back to make breakfast in bed to M, or me ready the tons of book that currently are on our nighttable, or me going for long walks in the wood to take tons of pictures. well, you see, ideas are here, but well… Let’s pay this big bill first…



This was a view of Strasbourg and here you got a song from a band i recently discovered, thanks J: