If someone was missing my posts on here, i am deeply sorry. I promised to write a little bit more often but for my defense: the app is not working on my phone anymore, the overblog plattform should make something about it and i have been a lot less on the road, so little less to tell.



This was how our midsommar week end began. Sunny on the balcony with bubble and strawberries. M doesn’t like strawberries, sp he got nuts. Well, nice but i never really felt this feeling of “oh, this is midsummer!!”. I think i will never be swede enough to feel it, this must be something you have to grow up with i assume?

The day after, we went downtown to see some traditional things, look by yourself the nice grey scale:



We did not do anything special during the week end, we just went to eat on a restaurant by the sea on sunday, it may have been the only place in Östergötland without rain just for lunch.



And then back home, we met:


And when i went to stockholm yesterday, i saw this:


So you see, we don’t have any problem with water here. And so long as we are working, i think it’s ok. The office is almost empty now, so it would be hard to focus on work if it would be very
sunny… But in some days, i hope for more sun!

Ok, time to cook for my man, have fun!