long week end that felt like vacation!

I’m not someone who believes in god but i have to admit that i like these long week end that these traditions give!

the last time i wrote, i felt like an old lady beacause of the long week end of training. Some days later, we helped some family members to move and it was training for the arms and the back as well. it took me some days to feel like a normal 31 years old woman. The week end after, my syster and her boyfriend came to visit us. On the program, it was: spa, titanic exhibition in Norrköping, fine restaurant, walk in Linköping and sun all the time. It really felt like the pring is coming for real!

After 2 days work (for me, three for M), it was time again to enjoy some free time. We went to Stockholm, where M had a concert and i invited my friend J to a really nice restaurant, Pubologi, nya storgatan 20 in the old town. If you have some money and plan to eat out, this is asolutely a place i would recommend. Don’t forget to book, because it’s very tiny and popular. The food was divine and the drink too, really a pleasure for the senses!

On friday, we helped J to get his boat into the water and it was wonderful, 30 min away from stockholm center, to enjoy the silence, the sun and the water. It was also kind of a new experience for us to help with this activitie, this is a lot of small things that has to be correct done and luckily is J well organized and a good captain, so i think we did well.

on the evening, we ate at the Glenn Millers cafe, in Stockholm, where a band was playing jazz, good timing with my dessert. It was also a small and nice restaurant and one funny thing was that i met some ladies that were at pubologi the evening before. Another funny thing was that we had to order food in french, it almost felt like abroad vacations.

We had plans to see a Munch exhibition on saturday but we made some shopping instead and sat in the sun to drink beers. Good enough!

We drove bus back home yesterday and it felt a little like a sunday evening, kind of an anti climax, but today, it was good to sleep a little longer! We had aleady managed to see one flat and i lost at squash against H and soon it’s time to go and see 2 other appartments. We spend very much time for this and so far, it is not leading us very far. We just know a little bit more what we want but it is hard to decide us, the concurence is hard.

OK, if i manage to transfer some pictures, you will see some, but for now, i am not sucssfull with it. Sorry!