Back to the future

Today was a day that i lived as the 100 years old lady i will become. I had problem to get up, pain everywhere in my body. I can think this is boring to feel ones body getting old and hoppefully, it will be over in some days. My poor M is working late and i just want to go to bed and sleep, but i feel some compassion for him.

Weare looking slowly for an appartment to buy but it seems that we are very happy with what we have now.have and have, we are hiring, but it is fitting us well. I have dreams for us, and it seems that M is on my train somehow but on the other hand, this is so confortable just to lay on the couche and think “oh it would hurt so much if i would stand up”.

Don’t try to read something ambigious, i am just litterally thinking that maybe i could go in our bedroom and pick up one of the 5 books i began to read but i do rather lay here, with my laptop on my belly and wait for M to be finished with work for tonight.

Tomorrow, spring sign: we are switching to summer wheel on our lovely car. it was about the time!

Oh, M is working so long… so i am youtubing in my french nostalgi and for tonight, you get soem songs from my country:

here therewere some links to french music, i will publish some later…

and if you only knew how many times i listened to this one when i was like 12, dreaming of the prince charming:
lucky me, he is sitting in the same room!! :)

good night people, i am not sure i can stand up, but i can sleep in my soffa !