one week closer to the summer

Hello fellow readers!

i dunno for you, but for us, we got to taste a little bit of summer the past days. It was sunny and warm, so sunny and so warm that we had our fridays bubbles on the balcony!



We even met like 4 neighbourgs, everyone was enjoying the nice evening! We slept along half the day yesterday, but whatever, we were tired! Then, we went and watched “the great Gatsby” and it was a nice film. Leonardo Di Caprio is still so cute and playing really well. If you have the time, go and watch it!

Oh and i forgot to tell: i finally received my bday gift, which is a new table for our living room. Here is a pic of it, so you can judge by yourself:


I like it very much, it fits the soffa nicely me thinks! A propos soffa, this is the place where i will spend the rest of the day. I woke up at 8 and met my friend H for a 10 km running in the wood. It was a lovely hour and on the way back home, i did the grocery as well, which means that the “must” are done for today! yeah for me! M has to work unfortunatly, but i hope he will be soon done, so that we may lay here together and maybe watch a movie or something? for the record, the weather is all grey today :)

Have a nice sunday!