Squasch and long week end

I made the first steps in my new career: squasch player. Well, for the moment, it is all about ok this is a raquet and this is a ball and these are walls and ok, it may work. This was a good way
to hang out with my friend H and surely to get some training pains tomorrow. I already feel my legs…

Some pressure did dissapear yesterday too and with the game today, i was feeling really in harmony with myself when i walked home. So i bought me a familly pizza, like big like my kitchen table and enjoid it, at least a part of it in front of some dummy things on tv.

Ok, i wont make any old bones tonight, i am really tired. Tomorrow is a non working day in Sweden, yeah for that, so i will sleep and make some things until M arrive here for the week end in Linköping.