Snow and chaos

The snow came and conquered yesterday: no buss, impossible almost to drive, hard to go in 30cm new snow, it was a little chaos yesterday in Linköping. It made me happy though, this is much more lighter. We had the Christmas party yesterday at work and we had to come with a gift from home. I packed an iron since I’ve got two and never use them. I thought it would be a boring gift but someone did fight to get it, so it was funny. And when we saw the other gifts, it was actually a good one. People can have awful things at home it seems, as if they would save them specially for this tradition at work. Ok I need to be efficient today at work: tomorrow, I would like to work only half a day in order to use the other half with cleaning at home, driving to ikea and then later to Ljungby. It can take times if the snow falls down tomorrow too, lets see!