I noticed that i already used this title for some other post but why not once again. Today, it was vacation day. No way for me to begin 2012 with a whole wek of work (even if this week is a 4 days week), so i took off today and fixed thingsd at home and went to Stockholm for some shopping. I thought i would buy a lots of clothes and even if i visited quite a lots of shops, i only bought new shoes. But achtung baby, not a usual pair of shoes. Shoes to make some sports indoor. On thursday begins my life long career in squash, so now, i am equiped!

Here comes some pics since i couldnät post it from my phone last week. First of all, my wishes for 2012:


And then a view from my paradise:


This is a spooky house we can see from the paradise. We supposed that nobody lives in there but there are always some lights and even christmas lights on the right period. So this may be a swedish ghost, who has respect for the traditions that is living in this sweet yellow house.

I also got an unexpected comment on a post last week and this made me happy! I thought i would never ever hear again of this person.

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  1. Ska man tolka det som om de nya skorna ser ut som de i videon? God fortsättning på det nya året!


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