Still alive

I have been living some intense days. I was in Eskilstuna this week end for my good bye party. We haven’t had the time to make it in may when i moved for real to Linköping, so we booked the past saturday for some festivities. It was a very nice evening, with all my favos around me. So looked my old room on saturday evening:




Empty but the big planning i made for a big project is still hanging in the wall. I also contributed to the decoration in the corridor, but i am not sure it will stay there so long ahha



Saturday was a long day and sunday a very short one with headache and appel pie. Miam!

On monday, i worked at my old working place, and i had mixed feelings: like i never left here and oho, it feels so far away. I think i huged like 2156498521 people and it was good to see that people remember me.

On the evening, we had the terrible run in the green 10km in Eskilstuna and i managed to run it in 55.39. No need to tell that it was hard, i had an average pulse of 190. Which is a bit too high maybe. But i survived.