The art of getting what you want and to enjoy it

It seems that i am not the best to enjoy the things that costed me to get. Who said that what’s important is the way and not the goal? This is bullshit. The goal has to be enjoyable too else, there is no point in fighting on the road. Like it would have been another story to get up at 6 a saturday morning in order to drive 250 km if i wouldn’t care about the person waiting for you at the end of the road.

Like driving on a swedish motorway a saturday morning can be lonely.


Like to repair a castle that is already fallen down.


Like to make a break with a wonderfull view.


And with some good compagny, to see the sea at Tylösand.


And to sit in the sand, believing it’s summer. At this point of the week end, it was like, i can’t go farther, i am with the person i want to be right now and the sun is slowly warming us up. Who can say that the road was more enjoyable than this moment? I can’t, because i really felt in heaven.


Today has been a frustrating day for me. And i am not the only one: this poor squirrel was running everywhere, i dunno why, but going up and down the tree, searching for something or maybe hating the one making raining that much. Dunno.


Time for me to eat, and to change clothes, it is riding day today. Yeah!