One week older…

… and so much happened.

As you could read, i had a fantastic week end last week and it was kind of hard to be by myself in my flat
on sunday evening.

Monday, work and horse riding. We did ride outside a bit and had to admire a fabulous sunset. Nice pictures in my head! The second part of the hour was pain. To ride a donkey is not easy. Some horses are lazy too and the one i had to ride was one of them.

Tuesday, work and dinner at my place with a friend. In between i managed to make laundry.

Wednesday, work and at home with nothing on the program for the evening.

Thursday, work with a very early meeting and intervalltraining with IK Akele on the evening. I jumped over the core pass. I was already too close to death. It was 15 times 70 seconds fast and 20 seconds rest and i can tell you that it was a bad idea to take the first 70seconds too fast. Bloodtaste in the mouth and a heart beating over 205 bpm, small little white stars coming in front of my eyes, i was really happy when it stopped.

Friday, work and on the evening, i tested the pizzeria just around the corner. Good and cheap, good point! I watched 2 films. The first “no strings attached” was really a girly film and i did not appreciate it too much. The second, “Hästmannen”, even if i already saw it once for some time, made me cry. It is about a guy, living with his horses as for 50 years ago, respecting the land and the animals but becoming a bit too old one winter to make it on his own. Of course he is considered to be an original person, not sure that so much people wants to talk to him and stuff, but he was showing a so big respect of all around him, using sweet words like gräsligt and trying to do his best for everyone. When he was with his horses, they were licking him, being really lovely to him. Well, i cried in my bed yesterday.

I woke up after 12 hours of sleep and believe me, i needed it! so now, i will pack my stuff and go for a cool week end i guess. With one of the three important runs of the year on monday. Let’s see if the training will pay!