Pasta on the wall

Do do do what you wanna do, don’t think twice, do what you have to do. Do do do, let your heart decide what you have to do
that’s all there is to find.

Exactly. And so did i the whole week end. My flat transformed itself in the Noah’s ark on friday night. Some came by car, other by foot and even by taxi. The most romantic kisses are the one given at night under an umbrella and the rain falling dramatically. Linköping was having a festival during the week end but we did not care of that. We open bubble wine, ate, open more wine and spirituos and partied pretty late (for a spontan party).


Saturday began with 13 km running. For real. Not fast, but it was socialjogging, so it was talked all the time. And food. And music downtown (ok, not my cup of tea but always a little special with live music) and a visit to the horse and the hound and an after party at my place until early this morning.


After a dream of work and bicycle lanes, we enjoid the sun in Linköping during a short walk and i am now all alone in my flat. This feels empty but i will go to bed and maybe need 30 seconds to fall asleep, so tonight won’t be blue.

But the best in life is maybe that: to be surrounded by people who care for you, to have deep talks but even hard laughs with them and to enjoy every little things they do to make you feel like you are the most precious person in the world. A, J and M, you made my week end, for real! And U and J, your contribution to the last evening is not to forget!