Nerveuse, pas coole

Il y a des jours, où tout ne vas pas pour le mieux, y a des jours où tout part en coui***.

This is approximatively so i feel since i got up this morning. A big cloud of “half of what you will do today will go wrong“. And so it was. The whole day. Like i had milk and chocolate for the hot chocolate of the breakfast but i did not had any butter to put on my bred. I found only one sock of each color when i dressed up. I printed only one side of the 2 of documents at work. I got only one washmachine to start at a time, so i had to wait twice as long tonight for laundry. Like today, i have only half a chance.

Yesterday was a busy day though. Work and then after work. It begins to become an habbit but this time it was a colleague from Etuna in visit in Östergötland who staid and ate dinner with me. It was hot (the temperature!) and he drove home around 20. The weather was so fine that i found it ridiculous to go home and stay inside, so i jumped into my running shoes and took me out for a run, even if i had a big hamburger and 2 glases of wine in the stomach. I ran my little round and i can tell you that all what i had in my stomach wanted to go outside too, the wrong way. I needed one minute more than usuak for this round but honestly, to make it was the stupidiest i did in ages. Poor body. Benefit of that: i slept very good!

Oh, it was also some nice phone calls today with ex colleagues, and even a lunch with some of them. I also got some post from my previous job and among it, a pappers with an article about what i did some years ago at this previous job. It was kind of nice, even if i did not like that much the picture of me there.

On my way from work (i walked there since my bicycle is strejking again), i discovered a cherrytree. I love cherries, but i am not sure i would try to eat these ones. City cherries.


Well. When i arrived at home, i decided to fixc this with my bike. So i took the tools from my motorbike, carried my bike in my flat and put it on the back. Now, let’s talk baby!


I did not even succeed in taking off the wheel. I told you, fail today. So i made laundry, googled hard and found (finally, because i have googles like a dog to find some information about these kind of brakes) a papper about the common failures with this kind of brakes. And i fixed it! yeah!

Time now to hold the clothes i have down in the laundry room and to take my bycicle outside and to drink a glas of rosé and to do absolutely nothing for the rest of the day. I would fail again and i can’t take it. You know, it is not just the fact to fail that irritates me, but also to have to hang out with myself. I feel that the summer will be long and my whole life too if i get this
feeling that i am an annoying and boring and irritating person already at the age of 29. Pray for me readers.

While i was trying to fix my bycicle, i listened to “sommarpratar” on the Swedish Radio and this time, it was Timbuktu talking. He told the story about how he lost a friend in a car accident (where he himself also was) and how it helped him after a while to see life differently. I agree with him, as long as you can, live. Even with a broken ankle (poor little sis :( ). But to live
alone and for oneself is something i am very tired of. I am touching some beautiful things with one finger, feel that it could be really good but i can’t take other people in my dreams. They have to will to come in. I had a talk today with a colleague about negotiation. We talked on how artificial it is when you use technics to convince someone of something. I agree there too. But if these persuasions here and there would just be hints that lead to someting beautiful, how pervers would it be to use them? Well, i am pretty bad at negociating, i play with too open cards all the time. I don’t like to lie or to hold an information, because i think the people i talk with are smart enough to weight pros and contras and if they make a choice, then i have to respect it, even if i don’t like it. And this is the critical part…

The song of the day will be about how to tell something to someone. France Gall doesn’t know unfortunatly…