Make your own experiences

I learnt a lots of things today and the biggest lesson is: when you’re too tired, stay in bed. 

It began this morning when the clock rang. In a way, it was good, i was having a bad dream, but in another way, i liked pretty much this new rythm that i got the 3 previous mornings, like the body get used to routines more easily than you may think!

The office was half empty of people since the big vacation wave began. I got the day when i will have to sign the final pappers for the selling of my flat in Eskilstuna and i wanted to take a day off for that when i realized that 3 of the 5 vacationdays i asked last week were not approuved. Like oh ze noes… Even if i know that it may be a misstake of the system, it was not really cheering me up.

I failed at staying at work until 16.00 today. The sun was properly shining and i was thinking that i would take a long run to a wood tonight, but while i was cycling home, i thought that a motorbike ride would be better. When i drove out of Linköping, i was re-living the 30 degrees in Hamburg one year ago when i should take the train. It was pretty ridiculous to try to drive in the city at the moment when people are living work, but well, i was tired today.

I drove all around the Roxen lake and it was a nice pretty little road. An enjoyable ride if i wouldn’t have felt that tired. I was really about to stay and take a sleep but it was only 70 km after all, so i drove the whole in one piece. I was a little bit bored too and i think this is more a general feeling of being with myself. I got used to company it seems and i need to reeducate myself or else i will think that the summer is killing me.


When i drove home, i had to park mister BMW in its little house. This little house has been repainted today so it was quite difficult to get in the house without getting some brown paint on us. But i managed this. The thing i did not manage was to think that the floor is slipery inside this little house so i gently put mister BMW on its side and i thank the man who built the shelves inside, because instead of falling on the boxer motor, the lamp did lean on the shelves and i manage to put the whole mister BMW up again, even if i will feel it in my arms and back tomorrow for sure. I always wondered why the little wind buble was not symetrical. Now i know!

I had anyway some plans to take my run after that but after this little incident, i decided that i will do nothing more today than eat and read and go to bed. This is the weeks version of OnOff and tomorrow is still another day.

The song of the day, all given: Le lundi, on reste au lit!