Sluta klaga på mörkret, dra ut huvudet ur röven i stället.

Oh i love you Mark Levengood! You made my day. You and your humor and the long run in the forest. Today was also a strange day, which began with a bycicle which did not want to go to work (sick...) but i convinced it with a hard spark and it worked good. I forgot my code to enter at work, re-sick. But then, after some little downs, i promised myself that nothing would stop me to take a long run tonight.

Even if the sky was beginning to become all black, even if the temperature is above 25 degrees, even if i am tired and ready to find stupid excuses, i put my running shoes on and ran to the wood. I was only smiling and laughting while listening to Sommarprat with Mark Levengood talking there. The people i met must have think i was crazy but Mark has a lot of humor, really and he is a good story teller.

I find a wood in Hackefors and there were several ways marked there. I choose the 2,9km since i already ran a little more than 4km there and i had to run back home too. This was a lovely little wood with a lots of up and downhills, so K, be ready, this will be the perfect training for the 29th of august! I ran 11km in 63 minutes, this is ok for the temperature.

Life is short. As you can see on the picture bellow. But there is always new things coming up. As you can see on the picture bellow. Mark is pretty right with his affirmation (the first line of this text, meaning, “instead of complaining about he dark, take your head off your ass”). This is good for me to read it a day like today or like all the days from this week. I am not sure what i did wrong, but i am paying the price of something and to laugh tonight was benefic. No need to complain, do something about it instead! (I talk to myself of course)


Now, off to my shower and after some housewife activities, i will spend the night with Karl-Ove.