3 days off + nice company = win

It seems that i was not the only one being away living my real life this week end. Few readers but you’re all forgiven. Real life owns life online!

Ok, so on thursday, after reading the 53% taxes, i drove my way down to Småland and the weather was all grey, rainy. I noticed that i drove there too for about one year ago and it was the same sky threatening.


The gods allowed us to take a wonderfull walk in the night, and of course, my camera was in the flat. The river was so still and so black, like a precious mirror. The night was not so dark, you know Sweden has quite light nights at this period of the year, but i really regret not having my camera at this moment. This was also funny to look at all the different houses and this little town is pretty for that: there are a lots of different houses and even if all the details are maybe not here for a function, it makes the whole beautiful.

Midsommar Eve begann with a nice breakfast. Nothing better than tea in the morning and when i posted this pic on FB, i got quite creative comments…


This is nothing else than yogurth and home made müssli. The wasa in the background was just here to disturb the people trying to guess what it was. When i think of it now, it was the first time i shared room with a Wasa paket in Sweden. Maybe i am not acclimated yet…

We took the direction of Bolmsö, drove along the lake Bolmen, it woke up some memories from a long time ago but it was winter time, so really different impressions of this lake this time. The evening had to be spent in a cabin, close enough from the beach to bath but far enough to avoid been thrown in the water. Perfect compromise!














The sun came back exactly right on time when we had to begin with the barbecue. It was not a traditional Midsommar if you wondered, but who cares when the mood is good?







Somehow, i can’t publish the pics that were taken later that night and the day after. Don’t ask me why, i won’t tell, but mum, i behaved ok i think.

Today was a really sunny day and we went to a little pretty lake (was there 2006 too, nice to see places again) to eat a
barbecue and to rest. Yeah, week ends like that are eaxhausting. Around the lake, we saw some rests of Midsommar too.











I would so G E R N have staid there my whole life, listening to the birds and talking with someone i really appreciate, the sun was warming us just enough but i have so much adultgrades now that i need to work tomorrow morning too. So i drove back home, listening to the music very loud in the car and got pretty irritated about the people driving out there today. Like non sense the whole way.

I left the car at the parking lot and took a walk home. Linköping was so wonderfull tonight, i think i am slowly falling in love. And when i saw my first own rose on my balcony, i almost wanted to cry. Well, don’t think i am too sensitive, but little things are big sometimes and i think i will remember this Midsommar a long time. It is actually priceless to spend time with people that know you for years ago. You don’t need to retell the story, to put yourself in a frame, it is just about to be yourself and to open yourself. The beautiful in that is that these people you know and still are around won’t mess with your heart. You can let it go and don’t be scared. These 3 days were for me better than any vacations, just a beautiful way to let it be. Sometimes, it is good no to think too much. Thank you M!





The song of the day will be one that i heard on the radio and which is stucked in my head. It just makes me think “oh partyyyyy!” and if i was not that lazy, i would make one soon at my place.

Du, jag slänger ner en nyckel ifrån fönstret i köket 
jag bor fyra trappor upp och du är välkommen in 
Massa skor i hela hallen, folk vid fläkten som röker 
Det är fest hos mig i kväll och hela världen är min

Oooh, ooh sång på sång 
Det ekar över hela staden 
Åh, nått stort på gång 
För det är kö från gatan upp till hallen

Och grannarna har klagat sedan kvart över tio 
Nu är alla i mitt kök och jag är alldeles paj 
Spelar pappas skiva ifrån 69 
De sjunger “cosa vuol dir sona una donna ormai 
O mare nero, o mare nero, o mare ne” 
Sänker volymen, låter alla sjunga med 
Kan inte tänka, jag står bara här och ler

Dunkande hjärtan klockan kvart över fem 
Imma på rutorna men ingen går hem 
Flackande blickar upp och ner och igen, åh 
Ingen vet ifall det verkligen hänt 
Ingen vet ifall det verkligen hänt 
Imma på rutorna men ingen går hem, åh 
Dunkande hjärtan klockan kvart över fem 
Ingen vet ifall det verkligen hänt

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