this is the amount of taxes that i pay from the money i got from the left vacation days from my previous work. It hurts somehow that more than the half of it doesn’t go in my pocket. So for you saving vacations days: bad transaction. I was not doing it in purpose, i was just trying to finish my previous job with some moral (not leaving a big mess behind me) but it seems that the swedish finance minister doesn’t think that morality should be rewarded. At least it is not worht any the half of what you should have earned if you had staid at home for some vacation instead. Well.

The good point is that i will give some more much money in form of taxes to the state: i finally sold my flat in Eskilstuna!!! Some man born in 58 will move in august the 1st, so it is good for me! Finally a big weight less, and honetly, even if i tried not to think of it, it was stressing me to have these dubble appartments to pay and so. It was not cheap i tell you, but as an old friend of mine said “it is good sometimes to come back to the basics and know how you really use your money”. I felt a little as a student again.

The other good point is that i knew it. I knew that this time, the flat would be gone. Don’t ask me why, but maybe i should change work and start a critall ball reading company or so.

I did not had the time to write yesterday because i was sitting in some pub with my new colleagues and it was cool. No Mum, i am not becoming an alcoholist, this time, it was a music quizz and all about culture. The thing i was most proud of (not sure i should write it on here though) was that i K N E W when Justin Timberlake realesed “sexy back”. Yeah, it was in 2006. Sometimes it is good to know things that are totally irrelevant. Who will remember who is Justin Timberlake in 20 years? Well, the girls born in the late 70’s, beginning 80’s who began to google him every day when he was single again. As if someone had a chance! He is after cougar lika Madonna, everyine knows it…

OK, time for me to pack my stuff, it is Midsommar over here and perfect weather with it. Read: tropical rain. But who cares when the company is nice?


This was our meal last year, when my friend J and i celebrated Midsommar together in a little camping in Småland. After that, i drove motorbike to South Europe for 7 weeks or so it was cool, but it seems so far away now!! I remember i was
a litle nervous to drive by myself so long, but when i arrived in Hamburg, sweated like a pigg there and spent the night with cool and funny people, then i was afraid for nothing.

It will be different this year, but i am pretty excited to live a new variation. I had following Midsommar so far:





Glad Midsommar!!!

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  1. Äntligen! Skön känsla antar jag. Å då menade jag inte skatten ;) Jag hoppas du är skriven i Eskilstuna fortfarande (!?) så att pengarna gör lite nytta här i kommunen …


  2. congrats on selling the flat!!! woohoo! but a big BOOO at the greedy swedish tax bear >:(


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