Well, i leave the place one day and 20 people stop to read? What is that readers, come on! I was just making funny things around so i did not have the time to check in, but all this was in order to write a loooooong post today.

Btw, i got some compliment yesterday about the blog and it made me all happy. Keep om writing me this kind of things, it motivates me (if you like to read of course!).

So, what was i doing? eating breakfast, working, trying to choose nice outfits for the days and stuff. But who cares? Maybe there is someone out there who cares about the fact that i did not succeed in getting up to run yesterday morning (ouch, strange sentence here?). Well, i wanted, but i just couldn’t raise my 10 tons body from the bed this exact morning. But it worked today and i found out why: i cannot stand the bell from my new phone. Yesterday, i woke up by myself a little before the clock. So this morning, 4 km around the river, one minute faster than last time i made the same round so it was a little ego boost.

I began yesterday with some bicycle trouble. Again you will tell me and i tell you: i am getting parano with my 2 wheels engines. Well, i don’t have any other vehicule. I was feeling like some air was missing in the back tire, but i found a pump at work and fixed it. Status tonight: same as after the pumping. Good hope! Yesterday was absolutely not the day i wanted troubles with my bike: with the work, we went to Sviestad and drove gocart during the evening.

It was a bit away from the city but we were hearing the vroums from big motorbikes driving like crazy and i was feeling “oh shit, me wants to try sometimes too!”. I drive pretty oldfashioned by myself, but sometimes, if there weren’t any other road users, if i would knew that the road shape was perfect, i would like to turn the right handle a little more.

There were a lots of people driving MC there, nice weather and apparently a lots of people willing to drive gocart too, so we had to wait. I tried to make some pics from the motorbikes, but it’s not very ok.



this is also nice to see that everything is important, like to warm up the tires before the ride:


And then, it was time to focus. We were 14, and it is funny to compete with people that you don’t really know. I was not sure if i had to show my competition instincts or not, but as soon as i sat in the gocart, there were no friends anymore. It was very funny to drive and after the first round, i came at the 6th place. The 4 firsts were men and the girl who arrived at the fifth place just drove me around in the last lap. So when it was time for the finish, no way that i would let her drive on me. But i did :( The positive thing is that i drove my laps much faster and to drive these little soapboxes was really funny. Now i have a big blue mark in my back because the sits were a little too hard for my soft skin but the competition has a price to be paid.




Then we drove to a colleagues place and ate a fantastic barbecue. It was so wonderfully calm but as soon as the sun dissapaered around the corner, we were freezing. Good that the mood was warm though, i even made some self-derision joke that i can’t repeat on here if you may eat while you’re reading.


After the meal, they took a finnish game, but i don’t remember the name. It was all about striking the right thing with the right number and to arrive at 50 points excact first. I calculated that it was about to be a looooong game and it was already over 22h30, so i decided to go home.


The bycicle drive home was quite long, about half an hour but so beautiful!! The sun was going down slowly and the temperature was ok while cycling and we were going through very beautiful places, so i was really enjoying the ride. Then, i finished the way alone and got a beautiful view over the Domkyrkan, so beautiful that i almost became religious.







I arrived at home with the heart full of good feelings, a bicycle with the air in the tire and a body pretty tired from the emotions of  the driving. It was about 23h30 when i turned the keys in the lock at home and i really did not have the power to turn my computer on and write on here. I just texted a little, tried to read some lines but gave up and slept. I had a nice dream
this night, it felt so real, i was really convinced that the people i dreamed of where with me. The alarm just broke everything and i woke up a little sad to notice that i was all alone. Not that it was a Xrated dream or so, just that i was in good company and within 1 second, i was all alone. So i jumped in my running clothes and you know the rest.

I came back home around 6h20 and was pretty in a good mood. This is something i never thought i would say but it is really good to sweat. It makes you feel clean in a way. So i checked my calender and thought “huh, girly outfit today“. Dress and open shoes, here we go!

I arrived at work first, even if it was around 7h15, which is late for me, and i began to read things about a new project. Suddently, a colleague of mine ran into my office and told me that i would go to a meeting with him in the afternoon in order to take over this project from him. No problem. Well, yes, problem. We had to go on a building site and i was as you read above, girly clothed. Pretty unprofessional… He told me “no problem though, we are just going to be inside”. In theory. When the meeting arrived, the entreprenor had a practical question, so we went outside and i tell you, it doesn’t feel serious for a first contact to get on a building site with summer girly shoes and a dress…

Another funny thing (for real this time), the big boss ran into my room and i looked at him and said “hej Lars!”. Right name, right time, right accent! Strike! He was just coming to check if i was feeling alright. Which i am. And i was pretty proud to remember the name, i met like 1574921616 different people and names are really a sensitive part there, but i am not that bad! Thank you memory! People are really open and nice, i think i will really enjoy my stay there.

I failed for another thing too today. I wanted to go to the library and change my books but i missed it. I went to the hairdresser instead and it was all better for my little me. This was a cool place where the hairdresser just let me read my newpapper and enjoy the silence. Silence = September. The CD was running on and on and it takes 2 hours to put some colors in the hair, so i heard the CD a couple of times now. The english version of Mikrofonkåt is not good. But i wonder: you my friends from south Europe, do you know September right? You cannot have missed this hit from the beginning of the 2000’s:

 Well, for the story and for you non-swedes, September is an artist almost unknown except for this song above and some other like can’t get over or cry for you or looking for you. Pretty dance music that stay in the head just the right number of hours before you want to kill people around you. Anyway. Last summer, she was in a show where musicians were

playing others songs and this is were she exploded, with mikrofonkåt among other. The original version of mikrofonkåt has nothing to do with hers but enjoy though:

But September has a nice voice though, so her new songs were ok to listen (until tonight). Where did i want to arrive with my question to south Europe? Yes! Have you already heard this song: Resuscitate me?

Ah well, it was a long post but i am not sure it may create a standing ovation. Not even a compliment mail about my writting or so. But maybe some satisfied curious readers? /extra-boring

It is now high time for me to put some order in my flat, i have some cool visit on the planning this week end and to eat something. /extraboring

Do you need a song of the day? Oh yeah you will have an old classicer about name:

 I’ve been throught the desert on a horse with no name

It felt good to be out of the rain

In the desert, you can remember your name

‘Cause there ain’t no one for give you no pain