I have 2 prayers for now:

1) to sell my flat in Eskilstuna


2) to have at least 10 hours more per day (well per night actually)

These past days have been only running here and there. Not for real in running shoes, just making a lots of things. I went to bed yesterday totally exhausted but the sweetest invitation for Midsommar evaar gave me some energy today, when i thought i should have been wiser and go to bed earlier.

I went to my “church” today and here is a pic of the entry (ok, a bad one):


I had to sit some minutes there and close my eyes to think of nothing. Some deep need of being in a calm area. This favo place of mine is located not that far from the Domkyrkan and i really love the mood in there. Nice architecture and respect for knowledge, being everywhere. And stories. Think of all the stories, true or not, that are living within these walls?

As i said yesterday, i will get some nice visit this week end and this is a big planification case. In Sweden
you can’t buy alcohol in the same shops as food and this shop (Systembolaget) closes pretty early, well not that early, but i need to remember me that i have to go there. Well, not easy for a frenchy even after almost 6 years in Sweden.

By the way, the systembolaget in Linköping was the first evaaar i walked into in my whole life. It was in november 2004 and i remember how amazed we (a bunch of french, italian and spanish people in visit to our swedish friends) were in this store.

Today, i focused in things for the week end and even to make me again a nice wine cellor. I also staid a little in the Burgundy territory and thought of my friend N who produces very good wines south there. Look his website, you may then know where to stop if you travel somehow in France someday.


This was the choice in term of burgundy and Crozes Hermitage tonight, but i thought of my money and was reasonable. My little sister will have some other things that what we use to drink at pappa&mammas place.

I had like a lots of phonecalls since yesterday and most of them were really nice. But the last i answered (and will answer for the rest of this day) was an ex colleague who is having some trouble with a project of mine that she got. She needed to talk about it and apparently it is not going as i planned. I am feeling a little bad for her, because in my head, this project would
just have gone as a letter in at the post, but apparetly, this is not a piece of cake. I wonder if it would have been the same if i had been the project manager as planned, or if it had to do with the fact that we changed in the middle of everything, for one method apparently pretty special (even if i thought that i was just to go on). Well, i try to help her as good as i can but i
get a little stress when i got her sms being: “oh i think i just want to lay down and die”.

I should have been in Campusarena now, saying hello to my running friends, but i am so tired that i decided (already
this morning) to skip it. This will be hard in 2 weeks (next week is the day before midsommar, so not sure i will be here). But ok, the next competition is in august, so i need to be serious the rest of the summer and it would go to kick the ass of my friend K. I also have to keep the tjurruset in head, october the 8th. But tonight, no. Just some food, and a long night of sleep. I need to be fit for this week end.

The song of the day if you ask me will be a calm one, from the artists with who i will spend my whole evening, enjoy: