Today is a day that i decided to turn from down to up. I was tired when i woke up but got like an illumination about one thing (this is maybe that which is called to grow up?) so i thought i would think positiv the whole day.

I ate my breakfast, was a little late, but what’s the frequency kenneth? I went outside, sent a sms to a friend and thought that it would be a nice bycicle ride to work. But no. Not this morning. The backwheel refused to turn since the breake was blocked. It happened once last week but with a litlle spark, it was all good. But not this morning. But you remember? I had a “i turn everything from down to up” day today, so i walked to the office and enjoid the sun. I took the chance to call an ex colleague and if i had driven my bike, i wouldn’t have heard her lovely voice. So you see?

P O S I T I V E !!!!

On my way home, i also took the chance to observ around and see by yourself: this is beautiful! Plus that the flowers were smelling very good too but hard to have on a pic.



I really hope that the turning down to up will work: this is right now while i am writting time for some visits in my flat in Eskilstuna. I want to believe that someone will buy it soon. Today is everything possible, i feel it.

I even had the time to make laundry since i came back to work and when i wanted to look after my bike and fix this breake problems, i just had to be “gentle” to the wheel and hop, it was rolling again!