I came to this thought this morning (not revolutionary, for all of those who can let it go so easily):

 Sometimes, the only right thing to do is avoid to think. Just like you switch your brain off because it won’t help you anyway. Save your energy for something more usefull for your brightfuture.

Well, that was this morning, after a dream i had with a man i like very much, driving car in a hot country and this man was just leaving the car in order to meet other girls who were prettier and surely better to him than me. Let it be i thought, J U S T    L E T    I T   B E! Don’t think and don’t speak. Fail for the second and almost fail for the first too.

File:Chartres, Église Saint-Aignan, Interrupteur électrique.jpg

Picture borrowed here.

A song of that? It would have been to obvious to put the beatles one (plus that i am not a big fan of the beatles, sorry dad)

Well I’m just discovering I’m living in a different body
Caught a little insight into everything thats happening to me
Like a little spider, I’m climbing the insurmountable
But I’ll never hold myself accountable, no.