Second day on vacation and still happy.

I had the honnor to be host for a mini party yesterday evening and it felt really good to sit in my new living room with cool people and laugh. I went to bed with a peacefull mind and without to shade any tear. Big progress. I think by the way that this living room will be excellent for party, it is quite big and salsa dancing is totally possible there. We tried a little. And btw, the
austrian J, if you are reading this, i now know someone who CAN dance salsa, not like your boxing tentatives from the fall 2008 in Eskilstuna ;) You should come over someday and learn to dance for real.

I had big plans for the day when i woke up at 5 this morning. I was pretty fitt/pig but thought that it was a waaay too early to get up for real. Even the swedish radio still slept. So i tried to sleep again, and believe me or not, it was a challenge.

I ate a wonderfull breakfast with a lots of sweet things that i received from my new friends from yesterday evening. I told you, it feels all good! Then, i went downtown, trying a new road to make the most important: to registrer to the library. It was done in about 3 minutes and for me it’s like the most important step in a moving. The Library in Linköping is a nice building and
remembers me the first time evar i came to Sweden in nov 2004.






And everybody knows my “love” to churches, but the cathedrale here is quite impressive though, so here you get some pics too:





While i was choosing the roses that will live on my balcony, i met a new friend. Quite shy but good looking:


Life is a luxe today for me. I will play a little with my new plants and then, sit in my long chair and read some books i borrowed this morning and maybe take death to the delicious chocolate i got yesterday. Oh, life is hard, and so am i!


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