I made a nice little ride this morning, first to the shower for him and then, for my eyes. It was a nice litle road i took
down to Brokind and a little less nice road up to Linköping again. It was actually pretty funny to drive in in the city again with no idea about where i was. But i found home.


Also the picture is pretty bad but i prefered drive than to find a good place to stop and make anyway a bad pic with my phone. Sorry, i’ll try to take my real camera there later.


Ah, and I also met some motorbikers too. One of them was pretty dummy: we were in town, at a red light and he was driving a big honda touring and so, maybe a man around 55-60, with his equally old woman sitting behind, both with yellow reflex jackets. He made a pretty idiotical thing to drive around me, like one car had to stop suddently to let him drive away and at the end, i drove by them because i was in the right way and so, so he had to change way, to drive by me again and to make a big “hello” with his left hand. All that to say hello… well. The other motorbikes i met were nice.