Après la pluie, le beau temps!

I met my friend A at our traditional restaurant/out place yesterday and this will be the picture of the day:


This has been (and still is) my first day of vacation. I spent it at listening people making a big hole in a wall, answering the phone this morning for the work, packing my stuff, making pics from my empty appartment in Eskilstuna. This was strange, but i felt like nothing when i was closing the door for prolly the last time.

Then, i drove motorbike to work and left my passing card at the reception. Unless to say that i had to jump to my “old” floor and get a hug to my colleagues. With the motorbike clothes on. Leather hug!

I gave back the kes of the garage and drove south to Linköping. After like 5 mintures driving, i noticed that i forgot to put my hear plugs, so i stopped and looked after them and this operation took like 5 minutes or so. During this time, an old but charming man stopped closed to me and was beginning a conversation “hej, you are driving a BMW right? “me: “yepp” he: “i saw it with the motor on the sides” and me smiling, because i was realizing how cool it is to driving a boxer motor and how free i am since i got the driving licence and finally, how happy i am about my life, even if i cried some tears yesterday. Thank you old man for making me enjoy my life. He was going to Vingåker, not really my direction but if i have had an helmet, i would have taken him behind me and driven to Vingåker.

Just after i left the place, i got a shower for free. Kind of wrong with water temperature and i arrived in Linköping with totally frozen fingers. I found my way home and the R1150R is now happy to sleep in its own room.

Then, i haven’t stopped until now, shower (the warm and insidoor one), food and alcohol shopping and i am cookingsome stuffs for the visitors i am waiting for tonight. Ok, i have plenty of things to do for now. I will keep you updated later about how the evening went. I am pretty nervous, these are my new friends, and i hope i will be accepted. You know that with the first impression you make when you meet people: if i did not made a too bad impression untilnow, i don’t want to ruin it with bad food or something else i missed.

*pray to understand cultural differences once again even if it feels easier than for 5 years ago in Eskilstuna when i had no reference*