After a little nap on my sunny balcony, i began to put apart the furnitures in my living room. Well. I remember september the 30th 2006, when i moved in in this flat, i had nothing but lights, a blanket and my computer. This was a good feeling, to be in a place that would be mine. Tonight, i am putting all down what i bought with the years and it feels also good, even if there are things everywhere.

I also remember how much i was sweating to put together my big bookshelf. It was a pain in the ass and above all, put it up
was really a challenge when you are alone. But to take it apart, it took maybe 15 minutes or so. I have tools now too. And i am a bit scared about how much time i will need to build it again in Linköping.





I even thought to write on the sides which side it was and so. I hope it will help me next week end, when i’ll be putting all this together.


So tonight, i am tired, but i feel the happiness growing in me. Soon i will lay in my bed and make sweet dreams and tomorrow, i will pack the kitchen and the end of the bedroom. It feels good.