Road, keys and joy

No need to pick up my plans on the to-do-list, i managed much more than i thought i would.

I got up at 4.30, began with a long shower to put myself into the groove. I had a dream about high buildings and above all, i did ride a horse that was not mine, working on galop session, no ideawhat it’s called in english. To describe a riding dream is almost as desesperate as describeing the feeling of giving some punch on a boxer motor motorbike. The initiate people will understand,the other will think i am crazy.

So i ate my breakfast, tried to think of what i had to think of today and believe me, it was not easy that early. I went to work, picked up the car, moved some things from work in it and then drove home. I thought it would be smart to move the fragile things in the car today in order to save them a truck travel next week. So at 6, i was loading the car with plants and stuffs.


Miss Bass had to stay home with some books but i managed to put the rest in the car. Then, i went to pick up a colleage at 7 in north Eskilstuna. I made a fals movment, so i woke up the whole quarter with a nice volvo titut right early. My colleague thought i was being inpatient, waiting for him, but no, it was just me being clumpy.

Then, we drove to Linköping, listened to radio and come on the fact that we will apply for Idol this year. We are both as good to sing this song:

It had been a real long time that i sung like that. But well, i will try my new jobb first and then, maybe go to the idol audition… My voice is so much better in the shower than in a concert room.

I let my colleague go to work and i drove to pick up my new keys, it felt wonderfull. Sun, nice people and above all the feeling that i had good memory. I remembered pretty well the falt i will be living in and needed about 30 min to empty the car. It will be really nice.


This was a bad picture of the living room, more will come later, prolly next week. It felt really obviously wonderful, everything worked very well, i am a lucky girl.

I drove back to work and tried to be efficient the whole day, after having get a big wonderful (yeah, everything was wonderful today) hug. I ate a nice lunch, with people reminded me from a certain xmas party once and this is actually embarassing, people remember me and i don’t recognise them. hum. No good.

Then, at the end of the day, we drove home, having pretty grown up discussion and i was driving. I am right now trying to put a funny video on here, but my phone don’t want to give me the file, so you will surely have to be happy with a pic of me driving.

Or not.

Maybe you prefer some road being build, here you go:


I have a mission until next thursday, not sure i will have the time to fix it, but i will do my best.

ah, i swear, this is a bt too late to make tekinik works for now, but you will have the video someday. When i arrived in Eskiltuna, i made a promess to someone. A real one also. Exciting to see if i will have to keep it!

Then, i only had like 20 minutes to go home, take a shower and go downtown to meet a friend. Who said that girls need a lots of time to get ready? i did not anyway, perfect timing! SO i met my friend, we ate nice food and drank nice wine and went to the cinema. The dessert was pretty delicious and when i will be in my new appartment, i will make a chees cake and invite my Linköpings friends to eat it. The other friends may wish some cheese cake when they will be visiting me later too of course.


And then, we went to see “winter’s bone” with Eskilstuna filmstudio and it was a good film. Not the happiest ever, but very nice pictures.

And now, it is high time for me to sleep. Really. I noticed thought that the sky was not dark when i walked home. Big difference with France, both good and less good. nice to have light nights when you want to feel that you live, but nice to have dark summer nights when you want to lay in the grass, watch the stars and make some wishes.

The song of the day is a direct tips from my dad. Thank you, because i am not sure i would have had the courage to find something as good.