How to do a lots of things without plan :)

My friend A picked me up and we drove around and did a lots of nice things.

First of all, we visited the recycling center of Eskilstuna, i had some old paintthings to throw away. This was a interesting visit, people throw away a lots of things.


My friend told me then that there were a market to see, so we went there, ate a korv med bröd and then, took the direction of Slagsta to eat their famous ice creams. Miam! We were not the only ones who thought of that and it was funny to look at the people queuing and coming around. A lots of motorbike too.




Then we tried to find another market but for plants but it was already too late when we finally arrived. But it gave us the opportunity to discover a charming little place in Eskilstuna. Nice to see that the last week end i am living here.

Soon, time to make laundry. And maybe to take a nap on the balcony, shit i am so tired…