Ok, there is one thing i am willing to put my ego on the side and this is this: Sweden did beat France at a hockey game yesterday evening with 4-0. And so what? we had fun anyway ;)


I took a long morning in my bed yesterday and arrived at work around 7h45. I needed it when now i know how the day went. I worked like a dog and did not achieve all what i wanted, which means that i will have some troubles to finish everything before i stopp to work there. Then, some colleagues and me and my friend A took our way to the pub and had a nice afterwork.


I woke up pretty early like around 5 this morning and had a real headache. I dunno why. Maybe i am getting too old to go to after work, or there was something in the wine. Oh, i also got to taste a “gamle dansk” and this is NOT good. No, better said: i did not like. But i sacrifice myself for some culture.

Oho, i really don’t know how to take this day today. I have some plans but it doesn’t feel all right, ush, i don’t like to have hangovers like that.

But you are some lucky ones: i managed to transfer the films from my phone to the computer, so you may feel
how it is to sit by my side when i was driving the other day.

And they were talking this new langage i have to learn in Linköping. And since my company in the car was creative, here you have the second film, more music video or so, ready for a palme in Cannes.
Oh, i really need to move my ass now. This is my last week end in Eskilstuna and i need to pack furiously. Next week will be charged with a lots of travel too, i am going to a 2 days meeting monday tuesday in Linköping, to Uppsala and Västerås on wednesday and the big move is planned on thursday. I also think that i need to drive some motorbike tomorrow, it will be a super nice weather they said plus that next time on the motorbike is the 19th, too long without start is not good for my little love. Oh and i need to put apart my furniture, so better to load the batteries…
The song of the day is a party song, original version for you my friends: