Insects and grass

Ush, this week is slowly killing me. If i go to bed now, i will sleep until tomorrow without any trouble… And you know what? I write this article, i’ll eat my food and i’ll do it! Also, go to bed around 19 and sleep until 5 tomorrow morning. oh yeah!!

Let’s check how the day went, from the to-do-list to reality

I have to drive to Uppsala latest at 6h45 in order to be on time for the first meeting of the day. super check. I was on time, even got to sing happy birthday to a colleague there in Uppsala who was turning 40 but from the 7 people i was going to meet, just one came on time. Pretty annoying actually.. But i was in a good mood.

On the afternoon, i have another meeting with county board. I guess i will be back in Eskilstuna around 18.30-19.00, check. This was kind of a half funny meeting where 2 enthousiastic people talked all the time about insects and flowers around roads and after one hour, i was tired of that. This is actually one moment when i thought “i really have nothing to give
to this meeting, nothing to take either myself because i am quitting this jobb” but i staid because i was polite.

Plus that to talk with fanatical people (not the one from the county board, the 2 other ones talking about insects), is always a challenge. It is really hard to change  amind to a fanatic, even to make them udnerstand that sometimes, you can’t have what you want, they are prolly the worse people even for negociation.

so it won’t be no running training i think. check. I just came home, put some food on the fire and in about 15 minutes, i will sleep like a baby. Yeah, i will! because yes, i can!