Don’t take anything for granted

When i woke up this morning, the first thing i saw was white and felt from the sky. And the first thought i had was “oh, long time since the last snow!” and the worse was that i was almost glad to see snow. The last time i saw snow, it was the day i drove to Linköping to find an appartment and it was 31st of march. A whole month and i missed snow. I may have some trouble in my brain. Well, it did not matter that much since i was at work until late. Wait, let’s check the to-do-list:

I also plan to be at work around 7. Check! I was there on time, did a lot but began the day with trying to put some pappers out of the copymachine. This is funny all the things i learned at work, but this morning, i really had no envy to fix it, so i just erased the things i wanted to print and saved some trees.

This is the day when i will transfer a project of mine to a new project manager. Big times. I am not sure she knows what she will take over, but i will try to make it painless. Check! It was really intense but i think we got quite far, so she will be very good at leading this project. Good with some new blood sometimes.

On the evening, i will try to get the help of a friend to throw away some old paintings at the right place not check and you know why? because i cannot read the opening hours on a website. Ah well, no big deal, it is just delaid.

and i will surely bribe her with a biiig ice cream at Slagsta glass after our trip to the recycling center. not check it was not a weather for ice cream anyway today. I came from work pretty late, so i just want to put myself in my bed and forget that i am alive until tomorrow, when the alarm clock will be ringing. Plus i need to cook some food for lunch friday.

Song of the day, enjoy some old french music: