I like to move it move it

Ok. Let’s see how my monday went.

I plan to go at work around 7 not check. I arrived at 7h20, had some small talks with other colleagues and sat at my desk around 7h40. It was freaking cold this morning, like 2 or so, not really a temperatude for the begining of may. For me, May is WARM, like 25-30 pr so. *dreams*

to put an end at some projects.Check! and i also erased a loooooots of mails today. From 168 unread (meaning not taking care of) i am now to 4. The sent box is also empty and i put a new “away message” telling that i won’t be able to read my mail or to answer the phone after may the 18th. Pretty strange but it is in 16 days only.

At 16h30, i will go home and open the door for the man trying to sell my flat. check

Between 17 and 17.30, I will be walking downtown, maybe i should go to church and pray for someone to buy my appartment. Is that enough with 30 minutes when i declared war to god since june the 18th 1998? check. Well, sort of. And i tell you: god is unforgiving. One couple came and see my flat. In other words, surely no flat sold out for now. The selling guy
was more depressed than me apparently. I dunno what to think, i just think i can’t do much for now, so i just let time go and this guy making his job.

Then, i will begin to pack stuff. check. At least on its way.


The books are in the boxes. I am trying to guess how much can go in a volvo but it is hard for me to realize. Do you think it will be room for all that:


I took all the rooflamps (does this word exist??) down, i think my bass will travel on thursday too btw. And i could begin with my winter clothes too. Well, wait, how warm was it this morning?

oh, maybe i should wait.

I tried to make another thing too but failed. I have a big lock in the garage where my motorbike sleeps and i thought i would try to take it off and so tonight, if i needed some help, a friend of mine could help me. But i failed. I just wasn’t able to sort out how it goes to put this shit off the floor and the worse is that i put it myself there… The result was only really dirty hands.


My back hurts and i feel totally tired. I think i will take a bath (i can’t remember if i had a bathtub in my new flat or not, so better to enjoy my here!) and will go to bed, finish an unpacked book.

The problem when you packed all your lights is that it is quite dark then,…. I did not think enough to come to that before to put them down. Ah well.