Valborg and b-day

In the same week end, it was Valborg, the bday of the king of Austria, the bday of the king of Sweden and the
26000km of mister BMW. It is too much for my little body.

 Valborg is kind of a funny party. Men are singing in choir (wearing caps and gloves), people are burning big amounts of i dunno what (with the yellow of the smoke, could it be old tires? or no the smoke is black then, right?) and young people are hanging around, drinking beers and looking innocent. Well, that’s what we tried to do.





The good thing with this event is that even if you were there a few minutes, you will remember it a loooong time because of the smell of the smoke. The austrian bday was much more funny than Valborg and it is always sauna-time at J’s place it seems. Thanks for this night!