I am a bit afraid to forget everything i have to do the coming week. It seems that i can’t miss a thing at all, time is short and there are pretty much dead lines that don’t go to move. I wish my throat will stop to hurt too. So here you go the to-do-list from this week:


I plan to go at work around 7, to put an end at some projects. At 16h30, i will go home and open the door for the man trying to sell my flat. Between 17 and 17.30, I will be walking downtown, maybe i should go to church and pray for someone to buy my appartment. Is that enough with 30 minutes when i declared war to god since june the 18th 1998? Then, i will begin to pack stuff.


I also plan to be at work around 7. This is the day when i will transfer a project of mine to a new project manager. Big times. I am not sure she knows what she will take over, but i will try to make it painless. On the evening, i will try to get the help of a friend to throw away some old paintings at the right place and i will surely bribe her with a biiig ice cream at Slagsta glass
after our trip to the recycling center.


I have to drive to Uppsala latest at 6h45 in order to be on time for the first meeting of the day. It will consist int putting a group of people that don’t know each other together for this project i am leaving. Pretty strange to start something i won’t lead then, but i love this kind of exercices, when discussion and teamwork are in the center. On the afternoon, i have another meeting with county board. I guess i will be back in Eskilstuna around 18.30-19.00, so it won’t be no running training i think. I need to take a run sometime, but i don’t know really when.


Up around 5.30 let me guess, I am going to Linköping, part one to get the keys of my new flat and part two, to work there at the office. I am pretty excited about the fact to have new keys and a new place to call home. I am also looking forward the driving south and up again with this colleague, it has been a long time since we chatted since and now, we will sit 4 hours in the car, so plenty of occasions to chat! On the evening, this is the last film from Eskilstuna filmstudio from the season, but i am not really sure i will go. This is an horror film and i HATE horror film. I just can’t sit calm, i need to shout. Bleh, let’s see.


Depending on how tired i will be, i may be at work at 7 or 8. This is one of my last days working in Eskilstuna, so i really need to focus on serious things to finish or give to someone else to take care of. Pretty scary. The evening, i “invited” some colleagues for an after work evening, let’s see how late it will end.

Let’s it free for saturday and sunday. I just know from now that i will have to pack everything in boxes, put apart my furnitures because next week, this is Ze move. And as if it was not enough, i am travelling for work monday, tuesday and wednesday, so let me tell you that the packing has to be effectiv next week end. While i am thinking of my calender, i also notice that i won’t have a chance to make laundry before being in my new flat. This needs some planification!

I don’t know how people with a familly and dependant kids do. I already think that it is difficult for me alone to take care of myself and having some minutes free, but for those who have to take care of others, i can understand that it is a real job too.

Ush, for now, i will enjoy my last evening without packing and lay in my bed, reading the story of Led Zepelin, since i finished “life” from Keith Richards. I need to rest in order to succeed this week. Yeah! o/ auto-ego-boosting moment.

Oh and an anecdote from Facebook. Facebook is regularly suggesting you to add some people you may know because you have a lots of people in common with other you’re not yet friends with on FB. These suggestions come on the right side of the screen, pretty easy to ignore, but today, i got some pervers suggestion. Like an old ex of me (not that he is old, much that our history was at the same time than ice age approx) and on my “welcome screen” it was written “X changed profil picture”, with a pic of him sitting on a Dalecarlian horse, more swedish than that you die. Well, think of that: i moved approx 2394 km away from where he is living now ( i guess) and i could meet him on the street here. Scary, not sure what i would say to him though, it was me who broke up. Maybe i would get a punch? Hum, i have to be careful when i go out!!

Song of the evening:

Son won’t you, please, please me like you want to

Not like you have to

Or won’t you just go on and leave me

Leavng me is the least that you could do

And since it was a suggestion from youtube, another one, just because i was so in love with Ben Harper in the late 90’s and because I discovered Eddie Vedder not so long ago through a friend that seems to be an Eddie fan. Eddie and Ben are apparently friends, so this is a nice combination that this song Indifference is joining the 4 of us.

Oh and why should i stop now, when another suggestion of FB include one of the cutest man of the whole world:

When you want more than you have

You think you need

And when you think more than you want

Your thoughts begin to bleed

I think i need to find a bigger place

Cause when you have more than you think

You need more space