Old histories

I am trying to sort out things i have and today, it was the turn for the living room to be scanned. I found some old memories, from my time in Germany, in Lund and in Eskilstuna too. For exampel, i did save all the news papers we got through the company until last spring. I did look in every one and found a lots of people i know and will miss. I also found not less than 6 big articles about things i did.

In all my chaos, i even found the manus i had for a speach once i won a price at work.


When i read this manus again, i notice how funny and exciting it was to work with all these cool people. I always felt good, in my place, even if i am a way too loud. I always has the opportunity to express myself exactly how i wanted, and most of it, i always felt that people in my projects were behind me, supportive and motivated. Oh, how hard it will be to leave everyone. Shit…

Ok, now i will put something funnier. It was in Lund, at some culture night if i remember well. I found a group to dance with and even if i was not integrated at all, i wa sable to dance some dances with this group during some hours. Of course you wil have to turn your head or your computer or your apple-toy. Nothing is easy in life!

I also found 200 photos and videos about a xmas party in Darmstadt. Gosh, i wish my kids will never find this!! I used to live in a flat with 4 other people, and the whole corridor (4 other flats with 5 people in each) had a very good mood. For Xmas, i had been living in Germany for 4 months or so, and i was feeling really good. This is too bad i cannot read the videos, but i am sure it would have been pretty funny to see the bunch of us, making stupid things.


Ahahah and this with the Lorelei. You know the story? This is a young mermaid that was singning and kidnapping sailors that were not carefully enough on the Rhine. For me, it is synonymous with bad hang over, since this region is also good for white wine. This was during the integration period as Eramus student in Germany, i tell you, hard core.


And this long week end in Berlin…


It was not only party. It was also some interesting things, like hiking in the Schwarzwald. Wonderful day.


And the visit of Köln


And Aachen


I even found some pictures from my first time in Sweden november 2004 and it was in … Linköping. Should it be a sign? We went there with a couple of friends from Germany to meet our swedish friends, and it was winter, cold and it had snowed so much that we, people from south Europa, were wondering if the plane could land on the snow or not. This was kind of an experience. Of course, we were all (from the south) clothed as if we were skiing and when i look at the pictures now, this is also something i will censure for my kids. Ush!


Enough for today, now i will try to achieve my goal: clean my flat for the last time. I wish!