2 770 kr

I was putting some orders in the mountains of pappers i had here and i found a letter from the retiring organism telling me that with the help of what i saved until december 2010, i will earn 2 770 kr/month when i will be between 65 and 70 years old. This is interesting.

When i will be over 70 years old and until i die, i will earn 745 kr a month. Lucky me that have bad statistics in the familly and who will surely not see a day after my 70th bday. 745 kr/month is approx 24 kr a day. For 3 meals, plus home, insurance and shits like that, that’s not much!

But as a challenge, i will make a test and try to live with 2770 kr during 2 months. The fake part is that my home and so already are over this amount, but let’s see if food, cinema, clothes and stuff will be under 2770kr. I begin today.

2 thoughts on “2 770 kr

  1. spännande! Har försökt med “100-kronors-utmaningen” här. Svårt kan jag konstatera…


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