Oh Friday, holy Friday!

And so today, my world it smiles

your hand in mine we walk the miles

Thanks to you it wil be done,

for you to me are the only one

Happiness no more be sad,

Happiness… i am glad

If the sun refused to shine,

i would still be loving you

When mountains crumble to the sea,

there will still be you and me.

I walked on my cloud the whole day and now, i am sitting on it. My soffa transformed in a wonderfull cloud. I heard some nice words again and other indirect sweet things. I am thankfull for the life i have and the one which is coming. Things just went very well this week and i fixed a lots of little troubles.

I wanted to congratulate myself so when i went out off work tonight, i went to a nice shop to buy binoculars and a “camping bed”. This is the most tiny tiny one that i ever saw. It will be perfect, both for motorcycle rides and for hiking. Because this summer i will hike. and i will watch birds (and neighbourghs), that’s why i bought binoculars. I want to get back to the things i loved when i was little and my favo book evar was this one on the picture: “les oiseaux”.


You see the little black bag on the left? This is the bed i bought. It is like a structure that you feel up with your sleeping bag and the guy told me “very good except for winter when you may need another matress on”. But i will camp in summer only, so it is just perfect! I will also have to test this matress some days in may in my Eskilstuna flat, exciting!

I will use this sweet black thermos too, much more practical than the big one (1L) i have.

Oh and the drink, this is because it’s friday and that i need to celebrate my success and the gifts that life makes me nowadays. This is a real cosmo. And this is also for a practical reason: the less i have to move, the faster it will go.


This week end, i have not much on the plannign more than cleaning my flat for the first visits on sunday. It seems that i only spend my free days cleaning my flat. But this time, it may be for a good reason. I need to take a long run too this week end, prolly tomorrow morning, depending on the weather. And i will pack some stuffs too. And i will sleep. This is absolutely on the planning.

I also will learn some birds name in swedish. I plan to meet a friend during eastern week end and watch birds, so i need to be able to communicate about the birds, which is an exciting things to do (learn the names, no specially talk of them, well you got me).