Fake it till you make it, the return

Bleh, sundays like this one are not my favs, i tell you. I gave me so much pain for … 3 visitors this afternoon. This is kind of a fiasco, not sure that the flowers i bought (some 90 kr of my 2770 for the month…) did help that much. But “fake it till you make it”, i just need one of them to buy my flat.


I am feeling pretty cheap tonight, cooking rice in order to use this “sweet and sour” sauce that i had there. I shit on the “best before date” (which was 2010-01-31) and on the fact that i don’t like sweet and ousr sauce (that may be an explanation on why this thing was uneaten so long…). And why? Because i am bitter. I am becoming an old bitter singel lady. Warning for you around.

With these meals i prepared myself, i will have a reason to be bitter. Another one when i pass the fact that only 3 people were interested in maybe someday buying my flat.

This is totally unfair. Sorry, i have to complain, but for what it was that i spent the morning on my four to clean up old paint rests?? RLY, DET SUGER!

No need to tell that i was a little “too much” when i put the rice in the water, so now i have cooked rice for the 10 next generations. Since i won’t have any following generations, i may be constipated for the rest of my life.

Ok, TRY IT UNTIL YOU MAKE IT, What good thing happened to me today? ok, i had a nice time with a friend driking coffee. What more? hum, i talked shortly on the phone with french friends… and they were eating pick nick with 25 degrees. What else? Ah yes, i will spend the night with Keith Richards, at least the beginning. Maybe i should stop on this idea and look forward it!

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