Hello i love you

I took a sleepmorning today and went to work at 8. The office was pretty empty, which was boring and i dunno why it was so really. I almost thought i was there on a sunday. I fixed a lots of things today and this was good. I even planned some nature visits and i am looking forward eastern, with a nice weather please. Tomorrow, i will look for some practical binocular and also for a camping bed and maybe a tent. We’ll see how inspired i will be after the last day of work of the week.

I was at the cinema tonight wand watched “Norwegian wood”. I read the book for some years ago and i prefered it 25646815
times. The film was boring and a lots of things were missing. Well, i am dissapointed.

Pfuiii not much to tell today. I only had 10 readers yesterday, so no need to write a long story it seems, it is interesting no one.