I am going from Aha-experiences to aha-experiences. And i don’t mean this aha. no, i mean aha-experience about feelings and growing up. I am discovering some things that i thought i already knew.


Like when you learn to know someone. Everything could be translated in other things and i find it boring that it should be like that. I wish everything would be simple with people. That i would just go around without hurting anyone or feeling hurt.

I am feeling off tonight. It is raining outside and i don’t want to do anything, not talk to anyone and i am wondering why i am writing this on here. This is pretty unpolite to tell faithful readers that i am feeling like the biggest asocial in the world tonight. I am even wondering if i did not live too much recently. Borderline.

The song of the day will be all about being free and trying to sand on your own, even if feelings are in the way:

I am off to go to bed, maybe read a book but for sure put some calm music in my hears and think of everthing that happened to me recently. Life is a gift, i am thankfull but a little scared of how all will turn.