I think i already wrote an article with this title btw.  Euh no. I cannot find it.

Anyway. This was again a “i-run-everywhere” day. I got up at 6, showered and waited at home that some guys would come and clean the ventilation system. If it wouldn’t have been written on the papper that they may come from 7, i would have slept until 8. I was pretty tired. I spent the evening looking for a running club in Linköping and for a place to ride (horses this time) too. I think i found. At least the first one. The second one, i need to take a look. Much more feelings are involved with horses, so it has to feel right. Running, it’s just about to give everything you have until you think you will be dead after the next step.

Where were i? Ah yes, this morning. So i checked my workmail until 8h15, the guys did not come of course, so i was kind of not in a good mood. But anyway. I took a long walk to the hospital, i had an appointment with a doctor and this is always irritating to spend like 40 min to walk there, and the same to come back and only 5 min in the room. But well, some things has to be done, even if the doctor told me “you know, you could have call and it would have been fixed over the phone”. Euh, yeah, that’s what i did but apparently, i had to come here. Well, Swedish healthcare system…

Then, i walked to work. Oh, i also talked to a friend on the phone and he will get married :) When i told that to another guy later, he replied “yeah why do you think he was travelling to Paris with his girlfirned then?”. I have plenty of other reasons to travel to Paris than to get engaged, so well, i may be naiv, again.


This was the colors this morning. Me thinks that Eskilstuna needed some blue sky:


At work, we had the visit of the infrastructure minister. My minister. Well, my and my. She did not come up and say hello, i was pretty dissapointed. The previous minister danced with me in Linköping at some conference (plus that i use the same bathroom as her during the party evening) and the minister before had the priviledge to meet me at a opening ceremony 5 years ago, in Sala. I was at this time not aware at all that she was the minister, i just thought it was strange that 2 big gorillas were hanging around this little but quite cute woman. The minister this morning had no gorilla with her and was sitting in the front of the red car. She had a blue trenchcoat and her blond hair were floated in the air. If i tell you all that it’s only because i looked attentivly before i thought of taking my phone to shoot and on the picture bellow, you need pretty much imagination to rethink all that:


I worked pretty hard this afternoon and it was weird. I had to interview people that i know pretty good and will maybe work for us in some project. This is really awkward to ask questions when you both know exactly what the other will reply, but so are the rules. Plus this is very hard to stay focused a whole afternoon on that. And i will have some other nice afternoons like that this week it seems. But good though to feel that i had the priviledge in my working life to work with really good people.

When i walked home, i thought i would buy my medicine and fuck it, this pharmacy will never evaar see me again. I already had some troubles there for some years ago because they did not want me to pay by card because my swedish personnumber is not written on my french passport (no shit!!) and tonight, i dunno why i got in in the first place, but anyway, tonight, i stopped waiting there. I even told the people all around how unhappy i was about this long and non going forward queue and if i had been unwell educated, i would have spit on the floor, just to mark my dissapointment. Really.

So i conforted myself with visiting the good old Clas Ohlsson and bought some well papp carton and soon i will pack my flat. Yeah! o/


Oh, i did something cool also tonight: i wrote a letter to a neighbourgh we had where i grew up. I often wanted to call her, but it is always too late or not the right moment, so now, i will post this and hope she will be happy to get some news.


Oh and by the way. Don’t believe Blondinbella if you think she replies all the mail. This is not true. I wrote her for some days ago and even if she writes very proud that she replied to everything, i am still waiting on it. The worse part was that it was a nice mail. Ah well. Now i am off for a monday beer with a friend, have fun!

oh, i almost forgot: the song of the day, some depressed swedish singing of “ohohohoh shiiiiit i miss my whole life because i am waiting for things to happen by themselves…b uhuhuhuhu”””