Sun, otter and friend

I saw an otter when iw as walking to meet my friend. Well, she dissapeared when i took my camera of course:


And it was actually a very sunny evening we had in Eskilstuna.



And i am sorry, i made a blondinbella and i lied: the guy i was meeting for a beer tonight was not a friend at the beginning. He was a colleague from Linköping, but now, after a nice evening and 2 beers later, it seems that he may be a friend.

Plus that my sister made me really happy tonight too, this was a good end for this day. Another nice thing: tomorrow, i sleep until 7 at least!! yeah for my pillow!!

Good night!

One thought on “Sun, otter and friend

  1. I like that picture of a ring of water. tho I am not sure you didn’t just thro a rock in there. :)


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