Ush, what for a day today! Does it sound like a repeat? But it was not!

I woke up this morning, once again at 5 oclock, which is ridiculous when i know how tired i am. I had a very pleasant dream last night. I dreamt i was with a friend, walking in a town that i don’t know and the sun was not too warm, just enough to give a nice feeling of being happy. Then, we went home and the home was a big and old house in victoria style. The house had no floor and was just sitting in a wood a little bit like this one:

i borrowed the picture here

I had my own room in this house, which was my friends one. I got to bed and woke up during the night, with a need to go to the bathroom. They were located in another house, so i had to walk outside, but the sun was still warming up, so it was night, but the sun was “on” though. Hum, strange. So i went to the bathroom and when i washed my hands, i noticed that my friend had a reall beautiful shaving brush, the same old style as my grand father had. I began to think that my friend was really cool. Yeah guys, everything seems to hang on which kind of shaving brush you use ;) Then, i went back to bed, but not in my bed, in my friends bed. Actually, he had no bed, he was just lying on the floor, which was forest ground, very soft and with a perfect slope. We were just lying there and he was telling me stories. I felt pretty calm and secure. Then i woke up without reason, but in peace with myself.

At work today, it was me making a one woman show the whole morning for some bosses here and there. I went out pretty tired but tried to focus for the rest of the day.

I also went to “quit” the garage i am renting for my motorbike so i hope i will have a solution until the end of june. Life has to have some challenges sometimes. This is one of them! The office of this renting company is locted on a roof of a shopping center in Eskilstuna and the view is nice when you are taller than 1m66.


Notice the nice quality of the picture. No wonder why noone steals my pics- Btw, i got the pictures of my flat that
were taken yesterday. The whole falt seems super huge! But if i would buy it again, i think i would do it.





well, let’s see if someone is interested in it! I hope so!

I am now sitting at home, my work laptop is on and i am ready to spend an evening at work, with the limit 21h30 in order to go to bed at a reasonable time. Tomorrow there is a lot on the list too.

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