New step in my new life

ush what a day, part III.

I am not sure that Blondinbella and i have the same kind of life, but mine was very exciting today. I began my day with laundray, at 7 this morning. Who doesn’t dream of that!?!? After that, i picked up the rent car and drove to Linköping. The mission of the day was to find an appartment fpr my new coming life. The weather was wonderful, a bit cold but very sunny. Yes, i am getting older and write about the weather.



I parked the car in town and went to the turism office of Linköping to get a map of the town. People welcomed me with a bit smile, this is always a good point! Then, i met a friend for the lunch and it was still under a hard sun and it resulted in a super enjoyable moment.

I had like 4-5 appointments planned udner the afternoon and it began with a phonecall “do you have problems to find the appartment?” and i was thinking “what?”, so i called the guy, an italian one talking english with a typical italian accent, and he told me we should meet at 13 while i thought it was at 15…. Oooops, so i just drove there very fast.

Then, i visited another flat in another part of the town and decided to take it. With the flat, there was also a nice garage for my motobike, which made the choice very easy for me. I went directly to the landlord office and signed the contract. I
also cancelled the visits i had in the calender and so happy i was, went on the big place to buy some flowers for my friend. It happened to be the same friend that comforted me for like 3 weeks ago when i was a bit down, so i thought i would be nice to him. We even spent a pleasant moment after his work. The only uncool thing was the weather: proof:


It did not become better with the time, and when i was driving back to Eskilstuna, it was snowing as if it would be christmas next week end. Well, maybe it’s time to pick up a xmas tree and to play it?


Maybe it doesn’t seem like that, bu ti am pretty tired and it was a lot of emotions today: the biggest one was the feeling of getting into something really good. Yeah, my future will be bright, i just feel it in the whole of me.

The good thing with travel in car in Sweden is that you can have long phone calls (as long as you use a hands free). The long distances (well only 150 km between Eskilstuna and Linköping, but 2 hours drive) help also to think and rethink.

The song of the day, i wanted to link one of Laakso which had this sentence in the lyrics “if i hand myself in the christmas tree, would you be missing me?” -season, or?- but i don’t find it on youtube, so you will get the classical Västerbron: