Muscle Museum

I am working and the advantage by making it at home is that i can listen to music. I am playing the whole things i have on my computer in random which gives some surprises sometimes. For exampel, i totally forgot that i had a whole album of music for belly dance (yeah, i tried a whole half year to learn to dance belly dance in Eskilstuna and it was mmm a disaster).

But i also discovered that i had an acoustic album from Muse and it has been ages that i listened to them. I think the last time was on a train between Västerås and Sala in januari 2007 or so, when i was making a training in Börlange. Btw, it was the 3 most horrible boring months of my life, but yeah, you have to go through it if you want to know, as a foreigner, how a swedish winter looks like: cold (first time for me in my whole life under -10), snowy and dark. To spend the time faster, i remember that i went to bed almost every day at 21.